Hol-Chan, Shark Ray Alley & Chato Park

Hol-Chan, Shark Ray Alley & Chato park

Snorkeling at Hol-Chan, Shark Ray Alley & Chato Park

$40 US
Park Fee for Hol-Chan is additional $10 US

Welcome to an underwater zoo, a sanctuary, a reserve where you are likely to encounter almost every specie of marine life there is to see. The Hol Chan Channel hosts the most exotic corals formations and sea creatures on the barrier reef. Shark Ray Alley is considered to be the most intriguing snorkeling site in the Caribbean where are likely to encounter huge nurse sharks and southern sting rays. Chato Park is a name given by locals to a small area in the reserve, where you can swim along with huge Loggerhead Sea Turtles, more than you would at the Hol Chan Channel.